Ways to Keep Kids Active in Our Digital World

Ways to Keep Kids Active in Our Digital World

Ways to Keep Kids Active in Our Digital World

Technology has certainly made life easier in many ways, but the downside is that it’s keeping us sedentary. If you’re worried that your kids are slowly becoming a part of the furniture, it’s time to shake things up and get them moving more often.

 Today’s generation of children spends more time sitting rather than frolicking, and if you want your kids to have healthy bodies and proper brain function, getting them active is a must. Here are some ways you can get them to log off the virtual world and get back into the real one!


 Make exercise fun

If you don’t find exercise fun, it’s hard to be active. You don’t need a gym to get more exercise either. Make it fun by jumping in the pool. Chase each other in the yard while blowing bubbles or play a game of catch. Even a hike is a fun way to keep your kids active, learning, and engaged, away from the screen.


 Invite friends

When you’re with good company, exercise is even more fun. Gather some other friends and go to the park to jump rope, play soccer, or run around the playground. You can pack a picnic of healthy snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy afterward.


 Make the most of bad weather

Should rain spoil your outdoor exercise plans, look to indoor venues where everyone can interact and stretch their legs. A trampoline park, skating rink, or rock-climbing gym near you can be the perfect escape for activity.


 Add wheels

For a simple way to get the family moving more, grab those bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. You can keep it in the neighborhood or find a nearby park with a trail to use.


 Give your kids active toys

While tablets and video games are fun, a toy that keeps your child active guarantees they’ll move more. A soccer ball, football, hula hoop, jump rope, or even a Skip-It make for fun toys that will get your kids off the couch.


 Sign them up for an activity

In summer and throughout the year, there are many programs you can enroll your kids in to keep them active. Think of team sports, dance, gymnastics, tennis, and swimming. The key is to let your child choose something that appeals to them.


 Lead by example

If you want your kids to be more active, set the bar by being active yourself. Children that have active parents tend to be more active themselves. Plus, they copy what they see, so if you’re always glued to your phone or laptop, they’re bound to follow your lead.

 But if you lead them outside to the world of fun that awaits with activities and face-to-face interactions, they will soon become hooked on this much healthier habit instead!