5 Important Life Skills Every Child Should Learn

5 Important Life Skills Every Child Should Learn

5 Important Life Skills Every Child Should Learn

Every day, your child is growing, although it is not likely for you to notice until you look back. As they grow, they become more capable of doing things for themselves. Before they grow too big, which tends to happen faster than we expect, you should give them the tools they need to be successful in adulthood.


These 5 important life skills are something every child should learn so they will move onto their adult years with confidence.


1. How to make decisions

While your toddler may not be able to make big decisions about the household, letting them decide on smaller decisions is a great idea. They can choose what to wear or what to have for a snack. They need to know the natural consequences too so that if they put on shorts when it’s snowing and feel cold, they won’t make the same mistake twice.


2. How to do things themselves

It’s hard to let go and give your child independence, but without letting them try, they will never learn. You may not want to deal with the mess in the kitchen while they make a sandwich or feel like 1,000 years have gone by in that time when you could have done it in minutes, but letting them do things for themselves makes independence blossom.


3. How to do chores

Another thing we tend to do is ignore the repeated requests by our little ones to help. Let them, even if they do a terrible job sweeping the floors. In time, they’ll be quite efficient and helpful, and you may just find that you never have to ask them to pitch in to clean up around the house again.


4. How to solve problems and adapt

Even some adults can struggle with problem-solving and adaptation skills. Helping your kids build up resilience now will bode well for their future ahead. When problems arise, show your child how to walk through it by leading as an example. They’ll see you cool and calm while handling the matter, being resourceful, and take options into consideration and they will learn to do the same.


5. How to have manners

Many adults today use messaging as a main form of phone communication, while texting/messaging can be convenient, it is also important to show your kids the proper phone call etiquette when the occasion presents itself. Manners are also important in the form of expressing ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as well as hold the door for others, greet people, and treat people in the way they’d like to be treated. Don’t forget table manners too!


Other important life skills that kids should learn early on are how to call 911 in an emergency (also what constitutes as an emergency), how to bandage a wound, managing time and money, and self-defense. By integrating these life lessons in your home, you’ll know that when the day comes for them to head off on their own, you’ll have given them all the tools they need to be successful without additional help.