6 Great Bonding Ideas For Siblings

6 Great Bonding Ideas For Siblings

6 Great Bonding Ideas For Siblings

It’s a fact of life that siblings will bicker from time to time. But if your children aren’t getting along at all, encouraging some activities to help them bond will help them remember the joys of having a sibling. Happy and united children make for a happier household overall, so if your kids are butting heads, here are 6 great bonding ideas for siblings.


Have them compete against you

With any activity, you want to promote unity. So this tip can be applied to all the following ideas. Pitting them against each other in a game may not work if they’re not getting along. Instead, let them compete against you and your spouse. Kids vs parents is the ultimate showdown and it will have them united for the cause of snagging the victory.


Make the floor lava

The lava game is a fun one that you probably know from your own childhood. The object of the game is not to touch the floor. But with this interesting twist, your kids must hold hands the entire time to win. If they’re competing against you, expect them to really bond!


Take a stand together

If you don’t have time to get into a game with your kids, you can try this one that has them help each other stand. Have them sit on the floor so their backs are touching and their arms are linked together by the elbows. They will then have to stand up without shifting from this position. Once they master this, you can have them keep the position while working together to pick objects up from the floor.


Bring a beach game home

When the weather is gloomy and the kids are getting cabin fever, grab one of your large beach towels and a ball. Let each child hold an end of the towel and stretch it as far as it will go. You’ll drop the ball in the center and the kids will have to bounce the ball on the towel without letting it fall off.


Add a twist to a treasure hunt

While a scavenger hunt as a team would be a good way to bond those siblings, there’s a better way to ensure they work together. Hide some goodies around the house. Then blindfold one of the kids while the other gets the clues to find them. The one with the clues will then guide their sibling by giving them simple commands and helping steer them away from obstacles.


Hold a freeze dance

For children on the younger side of things, put on their favorite songs and get them to dance. Then stop the music and see who can freeze the best. Get in with them and compete with your silliest dances too.


Siblings will sometimes argue, but when you try these tips for strengthening their bond, you’ll find that as they age, they start working together more. When you see them playing nicely or uniting to accomplish something, make sure you praise them for a job well done to see more of this behavior!