7 Top Things to Teach Your Child Before Kindergarten

7 Top Things to Teach Your Child Before Kindergarten

7 Top Things to Teach Your Child Before Kindergarten

Is your child getting ready to go off to kindergarten? Don’t stress if they don’t yet know how to read, but do make sure you’ve taught them a few basic things before sending them on their way. These tips are what little ones need to know before that important first day of kindergarten.


1. Getting themselves dressed

By kindergarten, your little one should know how to dress themselves. In kindergarten, this will come into play every time they use the bathroom or get ready to go outside to play when they put on a sweater or jacket.


2. Following simple instructions

Your child should know how to follow basic instructions and commands when going to kindergarten. Things like “line up,” “please sit down,” and “raise your hand” are common phrases the teacher may use to instruct little ones, so practice ahead of time. As a side bonus, your child will feel more comfortable when they know more of what to expect.


3. Recognizing their name

On the first day of kindergarten, few children know how to read and write. But they should be able to know their name when they see it. Show your child their name so they will be able to find their name tag with their desk and cubby.


4. Cleaning up and responsibility

Before kindergarten starts, teach your child to help clean up their things. This way, when the teacher asks everyone to clean up, your child will know what to do. They should also have some responsibility for looking after their own things, like their water bottle and backpack, and be able to keep those things tidy.


5. Knowing how to use the bathroom

Accidents can and do happen, which is why parents of kindergarteners are always asked to send in a change of clothes to keep on hand for if and when bathroom accidents (and spills too) occur. But those aside, your child should know how to use the toilet, wipe themselves, and refasten the clothing they wear afterward.


6. Coping without you around

The first day of kindergarten shouldn’t be the first day you’re ever apart from your child. It’s best to get them involved in an activity before the kindergarten school year begins so they will learn how to cope without you being there. It may not stop all the tears on the first day, but it can surely help.


7. Being kind to others

In kindergarten, your child will learn how to read, write, count, identify shapes and colors, and more. Before they arrive on that first day, teach them the importance of being kind to others. The world is a chaotic place, but if we give little ones this lesson at home, they’re bound to include everyone when they play and that kindness always goes a long way.


These top 7 things to teach your child before kindergarten will make it much easier on your child, and prepare them for the following years of their education at school.