Thanksgiving Fun for Littles and Bigs

Thanksgiving Fun for Littles and Bigs

Thanksgiving Fun for Littles and Bigs

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids...well, let’s just say their table manners can be somewhat, um, lacking. A long multi-course meal is just not their cup of tea. This year, I've scoped out some fun activities, crafts, and games for the little ones to enjoy as the grown-ups relax and enjoy their meal. Check them out and let the kids craft with abandon while your enjoy that second glass of wine.  

Easy-Peasy Printables

If "printable" isn't part of your parenting vocabulary yet, it's time to add it in! I'm all about easy, and it doesn't get any easier than printing coloring and activity sheets. And kids love them! Tot Schooling has a seriously amazing collection of Thanksgiving Printables for all ages. Whether you have tots or big kids, there’s something on this list for them.

Let the games begin!

After a big meal, we can all benefit from some movement. The grown-ups may enjoy a stroll, but the little ones will appreciate something a little more active to do. Woman’s Day has a collection of games that are sure to please! Turkey bowling? Thanksgiving Mad Libs? Sign us up!

Adults Only

Family board games are fun, but this one is just for the grown-ups. If charades and card games (confession, I do not understand card games more complicated than Go Fish) have lost their luster and the kids are otherwise entertained, or asleep, a few rounds of KinderPerfect will get you all laughing!