How to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby

How to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby

How to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby

Congratulations! You are having a new baby. If you have other children, you may be wondering how to introduce the new baby into the family. Here are a few tips for the different stages of preparation.

Before Pregnancy

If you are planning the second, third, or subsequent child, begin talking with your child about having a baby brother or sister. Start preparing them for the changes before they happen. Children need to know that while your family will grow, they will still be important.


During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, spend more time with your child than usual, if possible. Changes are coming that will mean that you must spend time with the new baby. Sometimes, you will have to stop spending time with your toddler to spend time with the new baby. This can make you feel bad or make your toddler feel like the new baby is more important, but you know that you love your children, and you have to meet all their needs. Help your toddler see that you love them dearly and want to make them happy.

Let Them Help with Baby Names

Let your child spend time with you picking out baby names. No, you probably don’t want to name your child Bluey Peppa, but you can let your child feel included in the process. Ask them what they think of names you pick. Let them help you decide if possible.

Take Them Shopping for Baby Clothes/ Nursery Items

Shopping for baby clothing and nursery items can be fun for adults, but it isn’t the best thing for kids sometimes. However, they can find things they think will look great or baby’s first____. If your toddler loves their teddy bear, let them help pick out the new baby’s first teddy. They can also help choose fun clothes that say something about their big sibling.


When The New Baby Comes Home

This will be the hardest time for the growth of your family. You are going to be exhausted, sore (at best), and nervous. A new baby at home is hard no matter how prepared you think you are. You want to do everything you can to ensure their needs are met, and when you have toddlers already, you want to make sure they are well taken care of too.

Involve Your Toddler with the Baby

It is never your older child’s responsibility to care for younger siblings, but it is a good time to teach your child about what babies need and how to take care of them. Get them a baby doll and let them do what you are doing. Show them diaper changes, feedings, and bath time.

Take Turns Spending Alone Time

Don’t let your child feel that you are spending time with the new baby and leaving them out. Take turns with your partner spending time alone with the toddler. Don’t just spend time in the same room. Take the time to play with their toys, watch a movie together, or go to the park. Let them know that their happiness is still important.


Final Thoughts

These are just suggestions of ways to introduce a new baby to the family. Every family dynamic is different. You will find the right ways to make everyone feel included. Congrats on the new family member.