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8 Simple Tips for Capturing Perfect Pictures of Baby's First Halloween

Posted by RubyRoo Baby on

Baby's First HalloweenThe jack-o-lanterns are lit, the candy bowl is ready, and your little monster is all dressed up and ready to go! Just a quick pic or 10 to remember the moment. But don’t let those pics turn out as dark, blurry, and downright scary. Use these 8 simple tips to take perfect low-light pics:

  1. Be STILL. No, not the kids. We know that isn’t happening! Low-light photos turn out much better if the cameraman (or camera-mom) is holding steady. Already a little shaky from raiding the candy bowl while no one was looking? Try a portable tripod or even resting your arms and camera on a low shelf or piece of furniture.
  2. Get down. This is actually important for taking photos of little ones at any time - get down to their level. When you’re down at their level, you’ll get a better photo every time.
  3. Adjust your exposure. Low light pictures need a longer exposure to let in enough life to get a clear picture. You can adjust the exposure on most smartphone camera’s really simply. Every phone is a little different, so just search “adjust exposure [My Phone Model]” to see how.
  4. Try a camera app. DSLR gurus, skip this one. But for us phone wielding photogs, it’s worth trying an app that enhances your camera’s abilities. Personally, I like Camera+ for iPhone. My favorite feature is the ability to turn on your flashlight and have it on as you take the picture. It’s light’s the subject like a flash would, but without the scary red eye and washed out look that can sometimes happen with a flash.  
  5. Don’t discount your flash. It’s there for a reason. And while the pros might scoff at using the flash, it can get the job done and get you the photo you want!
  6. Get outside. Try to get your little one suited up and outside for during the Golden Hour, just before sunset. The light is a bit softer and redder and is perfect for photos. Figure out when the Golden Hour is in your location.
  7. Try Black and White. Take that less than perfect picture and apply a black and white filter. Bam, you’re an artsy parent now, capturing the full depth of emotions surrounding the beginning of your child’s sugar binge. Plus, your photo looks a lot better.
  8. If it’s baby’s first, make it special! Your baby won’t be having any candy this year, but enjoy the night and dressing them up in a costume - as your child develops their own opinion, this first one might be the only one you ever get to pick out. And don’t forget to add a special First Halloween Milestone Sticker to their outfit for picture time! Plus, you can save $5 now with promo code CANDYCORN17

Tips aside, remember to put down the camera and enjoy the night without the camera lens as a barrier. Choose fun over photos! If all else fails and your Halloween photos don’t turn out as you’d like, take heart in the fact that your kiddo will probably want to wear their costume all the time anyway. If you take the perfect Halloween pic a few days after Halloween, no one will ever know. Not even your mother-in-law.

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