5 Vacation Tips to Travel with Kids Without Going Nuts

5 Vacation Tips to Travel with Kids Without Going Nuts

5 Vacation Tips to Travel with Kids Without Going Nuts

Planning your first vacation together as a family? While it was certainly easier to do when it was just yourself or even as a couple, adding small children to the mix doesn’t need to be too complicated. 

These 5 vacations tips to travel with kids will help you plan without going completely nuts in the process!


1. Keep a slower pace

Before kids, you could probably go from dawn to dusk seeing all the sites. But little ones tire more easily. There’s no need to pack your itinerary to the hilt. Instead, plan on a few different things each day with plenty of break time in between so that everyone can be energized.


2. Always have snacks

No matter how you travel, you will have a miserable time if you don’t bring snacks. Keep simple things in your bag at all times. This way, should someone declare they’re hungry while you’re all busy exploring, you can tide them over until the next meal.


3. Choose kid-friendly accommodations

Hotels that have kids’ clubs, swimming pools, or other fun amenities are a great choice. Ideally, you will pick one that is in a central location close to the things you want to see. Accommodations that are within walking distance are even more ideal because you can more easily head back to the room if the kids get too tired.


4. Cut down on food costs with home or apartment rentals

Food will take up a huge portion of your budget. If you can find a hotel that offers free continental breakfast, that will help you save. However, you can get more for your money by renting a home or apartment. By doing so, you can cook most of your meals, and often, you may be able to find one with a pool that you can have all to yourselves.


5. Go for a cruise or all-inclusive option

If you want to minimize your worries while maximizing your fun, a cruise is one of the best ways to take a vacation with kids. With a cruise, you only need to unpack once and it takes you to exciting destinations. Most cruises have clubs for kids grouped by age so your children will always be entertained. Plus, you’ll even wind up with some time for just the two of you while the kids are off having fun.

An all-inclusive resort will keep you on dry land but offer similar amenities. The best part is that you pay for everything in one shot which can help you tremendously if you’re on a budget.


One final bonus tip – just go with it. You should have a general idea of what you want to do each day on your vacation, but make sure you allow for flexibility. The most important thing is that everyone has a fun and safe time, and by following these vacation tips to travel with kids, it will help you make the most of your travel plans.